Ascension Group Diary + Allowing Permission To Your Gratitude Energy To Deliver For You

Ascension Group Diary & Gratitude Notebook

Allowing Permission To Your Gratitude Energy To Deliver For You



1. The state of being grateful; thankfulness.

2. The quality or feeling of being grateful or thankful.

3. A feeling of thankfulness or appreciation, as for awareness, empowerment, observation, understanding, gifts or favours.

(n., pl. -gies.)

1. The capacity for vigorous activity; available power.

2. A feeling of having an adequate or abundant amount of such power.

3. Often energies. an exertion of such power; effort.

4. The habit of activity with vigour.

5. The ability to act, lead others, or effect things through transformations or movement.

6. Forcefulness of expression.

7. In physics, the capacity to do work, symbolised by E.

8. A source of usable power.


1. Authorisation granted to do something; formal consent: to give permission to enter.

2. The act of permitting.


1. To bring or transport to the proper place or recipient.

2. To secure (something promised or desired).

3. To give forth or produce.

4. To set free, as from captivity, peril, or evil.

5. To produce or achieve what is desired or expected; make good.

6. To hand over, transfer, or surrender.

Giving you the insider info that others are not sharing.
Time to get on track + receive your gains in life.
Shutdown the 'stuck' in your life.
Get the Gratitude Notebook.

In order to access your gains through Gratitude & Appreciation, you do not need to be a rocket scientist, a brain surgeon or a drug discovery scientist. You just need to be YOU. Whether that be an unemployed you. Whether that be a part-time salaried you. Whether that be a homeless you. You can be 18 or 80 years ‘young’. You can be a redhead, grey haired, black haired or bald. You can be short and skinny, or tall and plump. You can be from anywhere in the world. You can be childless or with children. You can be single, divorced, in a domestic situation or celibate. You can be shy, an introvert or have autism. You can simply be you.

Accessing your gains through Gratitude & Appreciation is all about YOU and your experience in the here and now.

It is also about you being reflective in your life.

A small portion is also about your family spiritual background, ascertaining what part of your ancestry and family lineage is holding back an advantage that is making its way forward for you. You have to factor in the equation, whilst accessing gratitude, the behavioural traits of certain members of your family. Members of your family that you may have never known or heard of before. Yet they are there holding back your gains because they are either jealous of your gifts or do not understand why you need your gains.

For example, if you had a father, grandfather and great grand father that was inclined to be lazy and never liked working, then if you find yourself striving to be better than them but was always coming across people who never gave you an opportunity to rise in an organisation that you work for, it may be because your father, grandfather and great grand father are placing a hex on you to halt your furtherance in life.

The self-centred type of women in your family lineage and ancestry

Or perhaps, you had a mother and grandmother who were always looking for the easy life, wanting something for free from everyone. That they are continually seeking to be lauded upon. That they are continually seeking to be the centre of attention. This is where you could find yourself with a mindset of being self centred, greedy and quick tempered; perhaps even stealing or being deceptive, in order to get what you want.

Another scenario could be that members of your family liked working for others and never considered self employment. That they preferred the security of a Master; with or without a salary and perhaps working at a lowly job title. Meaning that they disliked taking responsibility for others and were content to work long and hard for the small wage that they received. Where being under the ownership of a Master was their preference for job security. You on the other hand want more out of life for yourself, yet you are finding blocks at a certain point in life when you want to raise your employment gain.

Or perhaps you are the first in your family to go to university and you want to continue with your studies to gain a higher qualification, but you are somehow finding learner blocks in your studies. That your family lineage and ancestry do not understand why you want to do so much reading and writing when there is hard work to be done. It might just be that some members of your family lineage want to hinder your studying and get you to do an ordinary job that pays a wage. Any wage, to keep you in a rented dwelling for life. To keep you moving from town to town to find work. So on and so forth.

Are you feeling tied down?

These are the family lineage and ancestral blocks that you need to shut down so that your work promotion, life promotion, spiritual promotion can come through at a quicker and smoother pace than what you are experiencing now. Than what you experienced in the past. You are determined to have a better future for yourself at all costs.

When you access your gains through your Gratitude, after having been slowed down by your family lineage and ancestors, it will arrive long after you expected. You may feel aggrieved at this. Asking yourself “How is it that this has taken so long to arrive in my life!” Including “Why now?!” When you needed it five years ago, 12 yeas ago or 25 years ago. The logic for your gains arriving ‘so late’ in life will have you frustrated, but it will also have you somewhat grateful that it has arrived to ease a situation that you are finding yourself in again.

If you find that you are regularly unblocking, clearing and cleansing your links from your family lineage and ancestors then you will find your gains coming through more timely for you. Getting someone to do the unblocking, clearing and cleansing for you plus the shutting down of your unwanted family lineage and ancestors means that your gains shall come through quicker. Enrol with me if you want some help with this.

By using Gratitude & Appreciation to smooth the way for your gains to travel upon, helps to negate the negativity of your family lineage and ancestors. You heighten your chances of gains through Gratitude. You enable life changes and if you have a business you enable it to develop and grow. You start attracting the clients that resonate with you, that like what you have to offer.

Your appearance shall also differ as will your impression of yourself. Those curtain twitching neighbours of yours will notice something different about you. The people that you see each day at the bus stop or train station will notice something different about you. Something fresh and new about you. The people that you work with will notice something different about you. You will become a magnet for numerous people and situations. You will have to learn how to be discerning through your gains.

Giving you the insider info that others are not sharing.
Time to get on track + receive your gains in life.
Shutdown the 'stuck' in your life.
Get the Gratitude Notebook.

Using Gratitude and Appreciation coupled with your Mindset Equation or Mindset Dial; as mentioned in the Gratitude Notebook, is the secret that others are not telling you as they gain abundance in their life. It is another way of accessing the Law of Attraction that requires your five minutes; minimum, of action to work for you. Different methods and techniques ask for different actions. What you will read within the Gratitude Notebook pages, in using the energy of Gratitude and Appreciation to access your ‘must haves’, is a way that sets things in motion for you and delivers for you every 30 days. You shall also discover why people with money use it to gain more benefits in their life.

In essence; as already stated, your ‘gains’ are amplified when you use the services of a Medium, Spiritual Counsellor/Consultant or Healer. The choice is up to you as to which one you choose, but know that those with a healthy disposable income use this method to gain further benefits in their business, professional, social and personal life. Those of you with a disposable income that is low, negligible or have no disposable income, you can still use this method and receive your gains. The momentum will be rather slow at first in delivering what you ‘must have’, but you will receive something beneficial. For example, if your situation is deteriorating you will receive the lesser of the two evils.

In fact, whether you have a high income, a middle income, a low income or no income your energy momentum in helping you achieve what you ‘must have’ will be rather slow at first, because you have not used this combination of a particular mindset and action energy. As a result, you now find yourself waking up from awareness slumber with this way of circumventing your unwanted family lineage and ancestral energy interference, after having been left dormant (in hibernation) to accessing your gains. But when you connect with the energy of Gratitude and Appreciation each and every day, for a few minutes each day, you will enable your spiritual self to assist you in a more pronounced way. You have the propensity to instil a better energy attraction and enabling of your ‘must haves’ in life.

There are instructions that people are only half telling you so that you stumble on your journey to abundance. There is a social and world order with many people not wanting you to jump ahead in life. Keeping you in your place. Within this Gratitude Notebook the ‘secret’ is revealed. One of the ‘secrets’ is listening to an essential frequency that works in tune with you to unblock, cleanse and clear you spiritually and your home environment.

Revealing the secrets of Gratitude Energy that others do not want you to know, in order to bring about your life gains

Let me tell you some instances on how it has worked for me at my most dire situations and during good times.

1. I had a good job and small online companies, plus a sparkling wine life whilst living in a lovely house with a big garden in North London. Then I lost it all and the house fell into disrepair.

2. I had the fortune to move in with a family member who had a nice house that overlooked a lovely park. I was scrambling to find a new place to live in a desirable part of London and simultaneously maintain the small online companies plus one charity that I had grown with connections. Luckily I had the benefit of a nearby local library that had free wifi. So I had wifi for one hour in the morning each day, Monday to Friday. Then my housing situation took a turn for the worse and I was well and truly homeless in London. I had camped out (squatted) in the cold former house for as long as I could with the little savings that I had during Winter. I still had the house keys and the house had not been repossessed yet. I was lucky. All of this stress whilst at the same time going to Internet cafes to maintain an online presence for a few hours a week. Often not eating as I had to budge for electricity, travel fares and Internet access. At the same time looking for a new place to live. When things got really terrible I was taken in by a homeless shelter in central London. I stayed with them for a few months and then returned to the empty cold house. Lady luck was still with me. I was able to find a way to survive as I had all the amenities nearby. Good transportation, central library, free wifi for the entire day and like-minded people who were starting a new business. No-one knew that I was homeless and squatting. Everyone thought that I lived somewhere nice and had a well paid executive job.

3. I had access to a local, business start up, community.

4. I had already started to look for a better place to live and six months later I found an advert for a flat in an area that I was constantly making a spell for. I could not believe my luck. I contacted the Estate Agents with a view to renting the flat. Then miraculously I received a payment from a previous position that covered the agent fees, the two months rent in advance and other service fees. It was approx. £2,500. It was the bulk of the money that I had at that time. I moved in after two weeks later as the flat was still being renovated.

5. A brand new flat in a central London location with good transportation, shops, parks, library and free wifi access. I was there for a few years. During this time I reskilled myself with new professional qualifications.

6. Made new business contacts.

7. Found some voluntary work that suited me and helped promote my online organisations.

8. I was finding opportunities through social mobility and connecting with people that liked my business services. The threat of being made homeless came back again through the unscrupulous Turkish estate agent and the greedy Turkish landlord. The both of them colluded to get me out through whatever means. There was a court hearing and it was in my favour. Then an old friend contacted me and wanted to meet for drinks. It transpired that this old friend wanted me to move in with him after several years of knowing him. He had always wanted me to be with him, but he never said anything concrete on this matter, so I never realised it. A month later two other male associates; one living in Scandinavia and the other living in The Netherlands wanted me to live with them. Which one would I choose?

9. Now I have a good life in a new country, with new life experiences, my own office, new clients and new friends. I have a big garden with a local woods and river nearby. I have champagne and wines in the fridge. I travel abroad more. I enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. My spiritual energy awareness and empowerment has become stronger and I am sensing a whole heap of things more daily now. Now I know how to communicate better with my spiritual self and I am up levelling each day.

10. I am up levelling each day through the messages that I receive from spirit and the services that they are teaching me to do to help you and others on your journey.

11. The books that I have written and been a Consultant Editor, are something that I am directed to do to help guide you and deliver to you your gains within your own here and now situations.

12. I am still receiving and learning from my gains. There is not enough time to list them all, but I can tell you about the resources and tools that I used to change the negativity into the positive. Plus the ‘God! She’s so lucky’ energy momentum that people are noticing and that spirit is flowing my way to make things yield for me by opening my awareness further in my here and now situation.

13. I was not going to tell you about this but I want to share this ‘something incredibly special’ situation with you. I had a Billionaire client contact me a while ago wanting my service for something specific spiritually and aiding their well-being. Now this individual wants me to help specific female members of their family. All of this by using my Gratitude & Appreciation method through spiritual energy. If it works for me, then it can work for you.

I must tell you that I used the Gratitude & Appreciation energy along with a Miraculous Script. I used both of these techniques to conjure up the brand new flat in the desirable area of London. Twenty-five years ago I had no idea what these techniques were but the idea came to me and I used them to manifest the gentleman of my dreams. That gentleman is the man who loved and admired me from afar and kept waiting for me. My Sovereign Self spiritual energy was working with me even then, but I had no idea. I was too distracted by the goings on and trappings of life. Blinded by the glitz and the glam, the lights and sparkle of London. The ebb and flow of London. The International friends visiting my lovely home or going out for dinner with them. Spirituality was not first and foremost on my mind. Now it is and I am most grateful for that.

I will do another blog concerning a Miraculous Script so that you can see how it works. It is easy peasy. In essence it works like a spell with Gratitude & Appreciation energy. Enrol with me if you want some help with this.

If you want to start off small, may I suggest that you purchase the Ascension Group Diary to aid you on a day to day basis. It costs less than £10. You have information, tools and resources to aid your spiritual journey within the Ascension Group Diary. Enrol to the Ascension Group Diary and receive monthly assistance directly to your inbox.

In conjunction with the purchase of the Ascension Group Diary you can book me for a 15 minutes invocation to help YOU with Unblocking, Clearing & Cleansing what has been accrued in your day.

If you require a weekly spiritual counselling then please contact me to book a session.

On the subject of your spiritual counselling and well-being...

Time for you to transmute the resistance around you and within you, even if you are doing what others ask of you. Where the others are: Your employer. Your family. Your relations. Your partner (wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, lover, fiance). Your friends. Other stakeholders in your life.

There is more. So much more that needs addressing to enable a better re-alignment to your situation in the here and now. The years 2019, 2020 and 2021 are going to bubble up unease for you and it is how you cope with the upheaval that can transmute or increase the unease for you. If you are prone to hanging on to unease, or have a fear of change then prepare yourself for the 2019, 2020 and 2021. If you feel that you are not quite ready or prepared for changes in 2019, 2020 and 2021, BUT you know you have to make changes then the guidance will help you along the way from various resources and individuals who are making the changes ahead of you, or are making the changes from another space to help you.

If you would like information on the well-being retreats in Europe that I have created for individuals like you, then please contact me at the following link Well-Being Western Europe Retreat to find out more about addressing your spiritual needs for the better through YOUR well-being. Let’s get things moving in the correct momentum for you sooner rather than later. Time is of the essence in getting you to the place that you want to be, with the help of beneficial spirit forms.

Ascension Group Diary & Gratitude Notebook

Ascension Group Diary

Ascension Group Diary

Ascension Group Diary


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