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Ascension Group Diary + Are you separated or divorced


This is the moment of truth with three paths diverging in front of you…
ONE : You can decide to do nothing, and keep running after fortune tellers, cult gurus + horoscopes hoping they will help you crack the code of spiritual discernment but we both know that’s a one-way, no refund ticket to Noville.
TWO : You can try to solve this issue on your own… it might work… actually it will work better than what you have been doing… but something tells me “better” isn’t good enough… right?
THREE : You can get the everything included 2020 Ascension Group Diary that allows you to be in better control of your senses and be a spiritual bad ass without having to pop anti-depressants, take magic mushrooms and snort/smoke crack cocaine so that you can finally break free from the mind fuck of overwhelm in as little as 30 days to six months even if you doubt your own conviction and prefer to remain veiled and blinkered.  Time to allow your momen…

Ascension Group Diary + Who is Jay Oburg

Why should you care who I am?

The simple answer is, unless you battle with constant struggles with mindset barriers plus external hindrances, you probably shouldn’t.

But if you do and you want to know why someone who used to be a dog’s body turned top dog then spent countless hours dedicating themselves to finding a way to go from struggling TO excel in their life (private and/or professional) to being glad, 'ready to knock heads', break balls + motivated in as little as between 30 days to six months, then you might just want to pay attention.

My name is Jay Oburg and I am a Continual Personal Development (CPD) Consultant for UHNW and HNW Women, an Editorial Strategist Consultant and a Reiki Master Teacher.  The rest you will discover much later, once we get working together.  Pleased to meet you.

Why me? In essence this is not about me, it is about HELPING YOU to see the possibilities that exist for YOU when you put to use YOUR Spiritual Momentum aspects, through actions t…

Ascension Group Diary + Develop your spiritual growth and access opportunities

The promise of these transformational services is that you shall connect with YOUR big vision within YOUR spiritual growth. You shall succeed and elevate yourself. You shall grow in confidence. You shall engage with aligned situations more; in a way that sits well with you. You shall connect with your inner Self that brings strength and well-being to troubled areas of your life. You shall claim the impact that you want.
Your spotlight will stay on your zone of genius, because YOU DO have a zone of genius.
You do have a higher version of you waiting to be tapped into.
To guide you. To help you. To enhance your momentum.
Because when your spiritual troubles ensue, the Ascension Group Diary troubleshooting delivers for you.

#WHAT IF... In the time it takes to make your morning cup of tea, coffee or smoothie I guarantee to reduce the time it takes to finding the appropriate spiritual development resources such as incantations, prayers, candles or symbols. The Ascens…

Ascension Group Diary + I do not have time to manage all of this

You want assistance for you and your family
Or you want assistance with your business / professional operations.
Either way you have a concern which you know and feel requires attention.

You feel as though you should be at a better place or situation.
You do not know how to free yourself from an entity energy form.
You want someone to initiate the techniques and methods for you.
You have read about other successful experiences and you want that for yourself and your family.
You feel stuck, overwhelmed and behind others who are progressing in life through spirit intervention.
You want a VIP support to help yourself, your family and your ancestors to progress in spirit and bring about opportunities.

You became a VIP client and had support per month for 13 months.
You had a support network to take care of your issues when dealing with spirit.
You could save time in ha…

Ascension Group Diary + Just Do It For Me please

You want specific help
Or you want some guidance as you take your journey.
Either way you have a concern which you know and feel requires attention.

You feel as though you should be at a better place or situation.
You do not know how to free yourself from an entity energy form.
You have tried to do the techniques and methods by yourself, but nothing comes out the way you want.
You have read about other successful experiences and you want that for yourself.
You feel stuck, overwhelmed and behind others who are on their progression to ascension.
You are starting to believe that you will never grow spiritually and that you are wasting your time and effort.

You had a support network to help you as you make your own spiritual journey.
You could start converting negatives into positives.
You stopped comparing yourself to others because you are unique in this universe.
You could connect with various people with various experiences s…

Ascension Group Diary + I have my diary, now what?

I want you to try 2020 Ascension Group Diary amongst novices and experienced support groups or person(s) to aid you. Either online or face-to-face. I say this at my risk, as I know it works but you don’t …yet!

If you aren’t 100% satisfied, and I mean even 1% unhappy, through having followed instructions, I want you to immediately cease any form of spiritual energy practices that you do by yourself for the short term. I mean it. Check that you are not taking short cuts, that your mind is in clarity, that your intuition is working well for you, that your surroundings are helping you and not hindering you, that you have your Treasure Chest of tools and resources with you in whichever practices that you decide to perform. There are a plethora of people working in spirituality that you can integrate help from.

I want you to stay strong in yourself that you can do this with the perfect help and not remain running around in a haze of confusion. Where you are periodically entering in…