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A Caribbean Benison


A blessing; especially a spoken one

A benediction; an utterance of good wishes, something that imparts a benefit; invocation of a blessing

A Caribbean Benison.
by Joseph Hendricks Louis Cepal. 

May you feel the profound beating of heart of the Earth
May you feel the profound cleansing of the cool flickering flame
May you feel the profound momentum of bliss from the wind
May you feel the profound stimulation of inspire from the air
May you feel the profound harmony of the heavens ether

May you hear the Masters of the twinkling stars
May you be guided well by the prophets on all nights
May you unfurl your charms in the warmth of the sun
May you exist in the light so that it may remedy you
May you exist in the dark so that it can teach you

May you feel the intensity of the here and now
Of the here and now that shapes your world’s aspects
May you flow in the abundance of you
May you take each step of peace with you
May you feel the profound love of you

Ascension Group Diary + Are you feeling left behind in life

On the subject of you feeling left behind in life...

Are you really feeling left behind in life? If so, which society, community, social group are you basing your reality upon? What is it about the people in this society that makes you feel left behind? Why do you want to join these people? Are you being told to know your limits and to stay as you are? Why are you NOT feeling supported in your life?

Which camp has society placed you in?
Are you in the Baby Boomers camp?
Are you a part of Generation X?
Are you a part of Generation Y?
Are you a part of Generation Z?

Understand that people will be living longer. There will be leaps forward in technology to manage your life. There will be an intensity in people wanting a better life. Increases in people turning towards spirituality and well-being. Some accepting well-being through computer apps. Others unlinking from the world wide web life management and finding communities with a bias towards rural and coastal existence with minimal…

Ascension Group Diary + Spiritual Counselling

On the subject of your Spiritual Direction...

Spiritual (adj.)
1. pertaining to the spirit or soul, as distinguished from the physical nature.
2. of or pertaining to the spirit as the seat of the moral or religious nature.
3. of or pertaining to sacred things or matters.
4. pertaining to or consisting of spirit; incorporeal.
5. closely akin in perception, interests, sentiments, outlook, feeling, etc.: the leader's spiritual heir.
6. pertaining to spirits or to spiritualists; supernatural or spiritualistic.
7. of the temple, mosque, synagogue, church; ecclesiastical: lords and gods spiritual and temporal.
8. pertaining to the mind or intellect.
9. of an invisible energy that can be sensed in a physical realm.
(n.) 10. an emotionally expressive religious song of a type originating amongst enslaved Black people in the southern USA.
11. a spiritual thing or matter of significance to one’s life.

Direction (n.)
1. the act of directing or the state of being directed.

Ascension Group Diary + Your Ascension Activity Momentum

On the subject of your Spiritual Momentum...

you wanted your spiritual energy to unfold and develop during your day to day activities. When you are asleep.  When you are awake.  At all the states in between. You feel times of clarity in your momentum.  You feel times of giddiness, light headedness, also. You dismiss some things that are happening to you.  You accept other things that are happening to you. You want to understand YOUR ascension.  How your ascension is calling you to harness its energy shift to assist you in your daily life. To live your experiences in your life, in your body, at the same time as using the energy of your spirit to make your journey deliver its yield to you.  Be ready, for you are now going to receive the guidance you seek from an assortments of directions throughout this life experience of yours.
Your Ascension Group Activity Momentum, including its decoding, wants to make itself known to you.  When it makes itself known to you it comes with intensity.  S…

Ascension Group Diary + Your Moontime

On the subject of your Moontime...

you want your spiritual energy to unfold and develop during your menstrual cycle. Not only do your feel your physical body changing but you are questioning your senses of feeling a profound spiritual sensitivity during this time. You want to know how best to harness this energy shift to assist you in your daily life. You are seeking guidance from directions throughout this duration of yours.
Your Moontime is the time that you should be learning more about spirituality.
Your spiritual energy.
Your spiritual knowledge base.

For as you enter pre-menopause and menopause you should have already gained a good foundation with which to develop further and more strongly in your spiritual energy. Ideally you should be forming developments with other women through a Goddess Group. At this time in your life as you mature further you are ready to engage in greater manifesting and transmuting through your spiritual energy. You are sensing spiritual energy…

How One Blogpost Led Me To Gain A Well Known Singer

How One Blogpost Led Me To Gain A Well Known Singer

How many of you frequently underestimate the little things. The small things in life. The seemingly insignificant aspects that pop up in your environment. The peripheral situations that find their way into your zone.
The truth is, each one of those little things lead to something big.
Today I was speaking to a client and they had been reminiscing earlier about how we had met.
Here is how a well known singer and I began working together. Before I tell you, I must divulge that I had previously worked for an artiste management business in London in the 1980’s who had R’n’ B & Classical artistes signed to their books. Many, many, years later I found myself back in the music scene working for BMG (London). So I had an understanding of the workings of a major record label. Most importantly when I left BMG (London) I lost all A&R connections with whom I could have called upon. So, are you sitting comfortably?
1. I had made a bl…

Ascension Group Diary + On the subject of you

On the subject of you...

you sense and believe that there is something unseen that is affecting your reality of your professional, personal and/or social journey.
You are delving into instant gratification through meditations, prayers, spells, incantations, rituals, ceremonies all on your own or with someone else as a light hearted jest, a joke; tomfoolery. You want something awe inspiring through spiritual energy to happen for you in order to deliver you results within a short space of time.
But instead you have a side order of self doubt and you sprinkle over it liberally with fear. How on earth is that going to help you set yourself free? Or perhaps deep down you do not want to set yourself free from malignant spiritual entities? You enjoy the control that they have over your life with your willingness to do nothing and say nothing. You are content to stay in the walking dead void of your life. Is that it for you?
You are struggling within your ‘visual’ present reality in additio…

Ascension Group Diary + Energy Symbol Layouts, Let RICH enter into your life

How can you use them?
What is it that you want to be RICH in?

Rich in love? Rich in health? Rich in harmony within a marital relationship? Rich in harmony within a living together relationship? Rich in money? Rich in friendships? Rich in connections? Rich in happiness? Until YOU clarify what it is that you want to be RICH in, the riches that you seek shall find it challenging to correctly match with you.

I want you to try at least TWO of the Energy Symbols Layouts displayed to aid your momentum and any stagnant issues that you are going through. I say this as I know it works but you don’t …yet!

It is faster, cheaper & easier to hack your stagnant issues for better situations than ever before.

Maybe you have a unique skill? (making vases from banana leaves) some insider knowledge of an obscure industry (learning how to use alchemy to mine crystals within 3 days) or, getting the better of your competitors in a presentation with 2 hours of study.


Maybe you …